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Balloon Column Decorations

Decorations for many events can seem old or overplayed. The thing is that everyone loves balloons. There’s never a dull face or upset child when there are giant towers of balloons around. You can give your event a little extra spark with a fun tower or column of balloons. But columns always work best with two or more so they can create a symmetrical look or play up the toppers. 

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    Organic Balloons Sculptures Dallas

    A little known secret is that many balloons are organic, made from rubber trees. These are clearly a superior choice and can still play a role in creating exciting and awe-inspiring sculptures. Have rainbows that shoot from floor to ceiling or DNA strands that spindle through the tables. 

    Party sculptures like the melting ice of the 1980s are long gone. Now you can how’s a party with a sculpture that will last for days rather than hours. For kids parties, you can use various sculptures to create and play up a theme. Use trees, giraffes, and monkeys for a safari right in your living room! Choose to use organic balloons sculptures for parties in Dallas, TX.

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    Maybe you want something with a more significant impact than columns? That’s great! Dallas Balloon Pros helps anyone planning a special event find the decorations that are right for them. For many people, that means garland. Choose a garland to make your birthday, wedding, school dance, or corporate event extra special. Our balloon garlands and installations make it easy to schedule and set up with very little needed from you. 

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