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    Balloon Decorations Dallas TX

    Change how you think about decorations. A beautiful balloon arch or garland is precisely what you need to complete your special event, birthday, or milestone anniversary. With us you can have specially designed bouquets, sculptures, columns, garlands, arches, and more. We provide services for a wide range of events and always deliver the best and most stunning designs and boast the best balloon arch Dallas has to offer! 

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    Create an event that will have your guests a buzz! Balloons help lift conversation, are space-saving centerpieces and fun for everyone. Gorgeous balloon decorations and fun balloons for kids can all come from the same place. Contact our top notch Dallas Balloon Event decorators to schedule your custom balloon installation. Please provide a minimum of one week notice when booking your decorator. We do need time for planning and designing decorations that will have your guests talking!

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    Professional Balloon Decorations

    Our Dallas Balloon service is the go-to balloon decorator in Dallas TX with unmatched arrangements and outstanding service. Our professional balloon decoration designers work with client’s to ensure that the color schemes, architecture, and installation are exactly what you want. That means that you will have someone working with you to ensure that you achieve the desired look. 

    Our balloon artists are familiar with working in a variety of different styles and colors. We deliver on an event such as:

    • Birthdays
    • Quinceaneras
    • Milestone anniversaries
    • Grand openings
    • Weddings
    • Sports events
    • Church events
    • Corporate events
    • Christenings
    • Baby and bridal showers
    • ​Achievement parties
    • And more

    As we specialize in helping people make certain events in their life special, we know that personalization is vital. We don't provide only static or pre-set designs. Our arches, columns, and sculptures are all capable of becoming precisely what you envision. However, if you arrive and find yourself lacking ideas, our balloon decorators will be happy to help.

    ​Our balloon artists have helped numerous people create designs that they couldn't quite explain. We understand! You can also bring in the inspiration of your own. Have a theme for your party? That's great! 

    We can help you find a way to work your theme into the balloon decorations. There is no doubt that a cohesive look is critical for many events. 

    When planning your event, schedule a professional balloon decoration service. Our staff will help you design your balloon decorations, create them, and then arrive on the day of your event to install them.

    Professional Balloon Installations and More

    Party balloons often seem like a DIY decoration until the day of your event arrives, and you have no columns or arches. These decorations and specialty décor such as sculptures take hours to create after a substantial amount of planning.

    Don't fall for the professionals on YouTube that create a simple balloon arch in only a few steps. They have had years of practice and already created design. Instead, work with a balloon professional to create a design you love. It will look exactly how you pictured it, with no frustration or time spent jumping at popped balloons! 

    Installation may need to be done on-site, or some assembly may come with the job. Our professionals will ensure that the installation is in a reasonable space that doesn't take away from the event area. 

    At Dallas Balloon Pros, we pride ourselves on our ability to take into consideration many different aspects of your event. When planning for installation, let us know what time is best for you. Call our offices to learn more about what to expect during setup and how long our team may need to put up your balloon decorations.

    Birthday Balloons

    Celebrate Birthdays and More

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a kid or a kid a heart, you deserve balloons at your birthday celebration. That doesn’t mean that you’re limited to the standard single color balloons on ribbon string. Work away from the balloon trends of the 1990s and create a whimsical feel for all of your guests. 

    Find colors that fit with the theme or motif that you already love! Then you can choose from a massive variety of designs for arches, sculptures, columns, and more. For formal birthday events, ditch the overdone floral centerpieces and use balloon centerpieces instead! 

    We provide high-quality balloons, competitive rates, and a level of customer service that you’ve never had from a party vendor! Dallas Balloon Pros wants your guests to be happy and your event to look outstanding.

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    Why Choose Us?

    School events, corporate events, weddings, and more. Why have balloons been restricted to birthday celebrations for so long? Because people were thinking within the box. Not to burst your bubble, but balloons are much more than a lot of hot air. We aim to help people realize how special balloons can become for your décor.

    Initially, people opt for flowers; however, if you're in an enclosed area, then you know that flowers seem out of place. Don't' try to recreate the great outdoors if you're in a corporate meeting room or birthday center. Instead, embrace that you're indoors and liven it up with eye-catching colors. 

    With balloon decorations, you can create photo backdrops that catch and cascade light. Or, choose to use columns to frame event a display of photos or an award. Balloons are so fitting because they’re so flexible. Speaking of flexible, there’s no limit to what you can do when it comes to shaping balloons and sculpting them. We can guarantee that every decoration is unique! 

    Use custom balloon displays or sculptures to help people find the event. Companies are using balloons spelling out the name of the brand to help customers or client's know exactly where to find them. Alternatively, have a large stork in your front lawn to help people find a baby shower.

    You should choose balloon decorations because they're versatile, they're budget-friendly, and you don't have to do anything. Our team arrives to install the decorations and cleans up afterward.

    Grand Opening Balloons

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    Very few days are as necessary or as special as a grand opening. Thinking of all the hard work that you and your family or business partners have put into your opening should invoke a bit of pride. Be sure that your grand opening speaks to the magnitude of your business. Invite people in, have them ask questions, and make them feel like they're part of the fun. 

    Balloon sculptures are great for attracting people off the street. While indoors having balloon columns and arches can help you create a natural walkway or to direct a crowd. Finally, have balloons for the kids. It's no secret that children love balloons, and our high-quality balloons will put a smile on any kid's face!

    Balloon Bouquets

    Delivery to Your Doorstep!

    Balloon bouquets go above and beyond. They deliver a clear message with a theme that is beautiful and will last for a while. We aim to create bouquets that fit your needs. For some, that means an exaggerated bouquet spelling out, "Say Yes!" while other needs require something understated. A simple trail of peach balloons in varying sizes can do the trick too. 

    Dallas Balloon Pros wants to bring balloon bouquets into your engagement or event. Start with bouquets neatly presented near entrances, or pick them up and stage them for a more dramatic event. The unbelievable variances on balloon bouquets make them truly perfect for any situation. 

    For a complete outfitting for your event, you need balloon centerpieces and bouquets in Dallas, TX. Don’t let your event go without a little extra magic. 

    At Dallas Balloon Pros our balloon bouquets go through an extensive design phase. To ensure that each bouquet is perfect, we require that you pick up any bouquets from us. Please allow for a week of scheduling to ensure that there is enough time for design and creation.

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    Gorgeous Balloon Decorations for Milestone Birthdays 

    balloon backdrop dallas tx

    Nothing needs a gorgeous balloon set up more than a significant milestone birthday. From 1 to 90 and still counting our team can help you put together a spectacular event. We craft everything from balloon bouquets to centerpieces and even custom sculptures. 

    You don’t need a balloon shaped like a number; you need a sculpture of many balloons creating the number! Make Quinceaneras and Sweet 16s extra special with full-scale balloon decorations. The person celebrating their birthday can arrive in a flurry of balloons and even have an entire wall covered in balloons as a classic backdrop for photos and videos.

    Balloon Arches and Columns

    Everyone understands that classic balloon column and arches. Many saw them at countless school dances and probably even more in corporate events. These traditional decorations, however, have seen a few twists in recent years. 

    Choose from classic arches or columns or take on a unique effect. From arranging ombre colors and rainbows to twisting and redefining an arch, you can have a balloon decoration that fits any of your needs. Dallas Balloon Pros will work with you and your theme so that your balloon arches fit into the mix properly. 

    In some cases, we will need to take special care when assembling during installation. In other times our team can arrive, place the columns quickly and be out of the way of different vendors. When considering the aspect of installation, you’ll need to speak with your balloon designer who can offer insight into the timeframe and complexity of the installation.

    Why choose arches or columns? By choosing only a few colors, you can make big and bold statements. You can set boundaries, create romantic entrances, and establish a moment of magic. These decorations have been classic for so long for a reason, and they deliver a charming effect for a wide variety of occasions.

     Start Planning Now!

    You can start working on your event planning right now. Call Dallas Balloon Pros and begin discussing the vision you have for your event. We've worked countless events, including major birthdays, small parties, corporate events, and weddings. Our team understands how to flex towards your needs and how to help you design decorations from a few essential aspects such as color scheme. 

    Not only do we aim to deliver excellent service, but we also guarantee it. As part of our procedures, we take care of every installation, which means no hassle for you. Not to mention, we aim to fulfill every decoration need when it comes to balloons. 

    For weddings, you can create spectacular art pieces, backdrops, and more. While for birthdays, you can have centerpieces, sculptures, and arches. There are virtually no limits on what can be done with balloon decorations.

    Take a step and think outside the garland! Balloon decorations are becoming a hot trend, and you can get the best in the city to put together your event. Contact Dallas Balloon Pros for a complete balloon decoration experience. 

    Our team will help you craft and schedule your decorations. We will also provide inspiration if you’re not quite sure what you want just yet. Work with a balloon design artist for something that your guests will have never seen before! Everyone will be asking you why you chose balloon decorations and where they can call for their next party!


    Amazing selection of balloons to choose from, my daughter's birthday party was a huge success. Balloon arch came out fantastic! I will use MV Fiestas again for sure."

    ~ Michelle M.

    ​Dallas, TX

    Amazing service and amazing product! Balloon garlands over the entryway were the best I have every seen. I would recommend their incredible talent to everyone.


    ~ Claire S. 

    ​Mesquite, TX

    Glad I didn't try to do the balloons myself, wouldn't have come out this great! All our centerpieces looked great and different. Highly recommended! 

    ~ Jessica P.

    Irving, TX

    Balloon Backgrounds for Virtual Events

    We provide touch-less balloon drop-offs and balloon bouquet delivery Dallas that keeps you from having to leave the safety of your home to get decorations and saves you the trouble of having to come up with decoration ideas on your own.

    For those looking for balloons for a virtual wedding or balloons for a drive through ceremony in Dallas, we create balloon arches and centerpieces made by professional balloon artists and decorators made from whatever colors you prefer and desire. We work together with our clients to make sure that we can get them exactly what they’re looking for in their balloon decorations. We hope to be able to bring a little joy to your celebrations with our balloon setup for virtual events.

    Whatever your platform for your virtual parties, whether you’re using Zoom or doing drive through parties, we can set you up with the decorations you need to get the party going. We’re based in Dallas, TX and our services are available to all in Dallas and the surrounding area.

    We’re available today, so what are you waiting for? Head on over to the form we’ve got here on our website and fill it out for a free quote, or simply give us a call and we’ll work out all the details and get you set with your professionally made balloon decorations!

    Areas We Service:

    We have provided our balloon decorating services for many various events and parties in Dallas/Fort Worth and the surrounding areas including: Plano, Mesquite, Sunnyvale, Garland, Rowlett, Richardson, Arlington, Addison, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, Valley Ranch, Irving, Cockrell Hill, Highland Park, Grand Prairie, Duncanville, Cedar Hill, DeSoto, Glenn Heights, Lancaster, Wilmer, Ferris, Red Oak, Ovilla, Oak Leaf, Red Leaf, Pecan Hill, Forney, Heartland, Crandall, Seagoville, Combine, Midlothiam Arlington, Pantego and many more. 

    If you would like to inquire if we service your area, please call us by clicking the button below. Thank you!