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Corporate events can drag, even when they are filled with games and prizes. To change that you need to start with the decoration and that means bringing in the balloons. Arches, letter balloons, and giant towers are great ways to make your event clearly about having a bit of fun. 

Balloon garlands for corporate events can include various colors, your company's name and even squared off framing around a professional print or award. Use these at grand openings. As one of the most significant events in a company's life, your grand opening is a corporate event worth splurging on! 

Grand openings and grand entrance balloon arches and columns are a great way to grab attention. From the street, people will be able to see your arches or columns, and it will likely pique their curiosity. 

balloon garland dallas tx

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    Balloon Bouquet Dallas TX

    Balloon Drop Dallas Texas

    For inside corporate events or in a closed setting, opt for balloon drops in Dallas, TX. With more people than ever snapping photos for social media, you need a dedicated area with a fun backdrop and great lighting. Balloon drops or balloon backdrops are excellent ways to segment the social media needs from the rest of the event. 

    Don’t forget about your ceiling balloons! Balloons that hang from the ceiling can make any event feel welcoming and fun. Use these balloons with custom effects to create the artistic image that will contrast so well with conference rooms. 

    Finally, you need centerpieces! Corporate events are well-known for their poor centerpieces of forgotten lollipop-bouquets or simple books stacked in the center of the table. Balloon centerpieces make it easy for everyone at the table to continue their conversation while still adding visual appeal and intrigue. 

    Balloon Backdrop Dallas TX

    balloon backdrop dallas texas

    Make a point to schedule your corporate events balloon decorations early! Our balloon design artists need at least one week’s notice to start pulling together top-notch designs and to build them as well. Call the Dallas Balloon Pros at (214) 251-8191 to schedule your appointment now. During your initial meeting, we can go over your inspiration, color preferences, and vibe that you're hoping to achieve. As we help you put together your vision, you can count on us for top-quality balloon design.